Message from the Chairman

As MUTO STEEL CONSTRUCTION, which was established in Istanbul to become one of the best manufacturers and installers of modular construction systems in Turkey and worldwide, we start every day with fresh excitement and eagerness to achieve our objectives.

MUTO Steel Construction is a company established in Istanbul to build millions of square meters of quality structures worldwide.MUTO Steel Construction meets any organization’s need for quality spaces with a broad range of products. We give you alternatives to control versatile spaces with modifiable and modular construction options.

The MUTO Steel Construction family keeps up-to-date to maintain and improve high-quality standards. We have always aimed to offer high-quality at competitive prices from the day we started our business. Our employees design the entire process with superior quality, from planning, manufacturing and installation design to the final point for the end user.

The loyalty and ambition of each of our employees are the primary drivers of our success.MUTO Steel Construction is one of the few companies that manage to combine expertise with experience.It is easy to contact the technical employees that perform the design work in our company.

Despite its broad range of products, MUTO Steel Construction has a single philosophy: quickly building economical industrial modular systems on solid foundations. Our objective is to resolve systems individually so that we can coordinate flexible and free-standing structures that require a high level of skill to assemble.

This website was designed to provide information about our references and exciting application projects.Thank you for visiting our website. Please let us know about your opinions and suggestions so that we can improve our quality.

Sincerely, Best regards,

Change starts with knowledge...

Mustafa Çi̇çek

Civil Engineer

Message from the Chairman